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Deontology is a concept of moral philosophy in normative ethical theory. In deontology, preset rules form the basis upon which actions are judged as being right or wrong. This philosophy stems from a philosopher named Emmanuel Kant, who believed that all ethical actions are subject to universal moral laws applicable to everyone in society. Some of the rules posited by Emmanuel Kant include “do not lie, do not steal, Do not kill, and do not cheat, among others” (Österberg 64). Applying deontology is simple since it only requires people to know and follow the set rules. Deontology tends to fit well with the intuitions that guide people on what is ethical and what is not. Unlike the concept of consequentialism that requires people to weigh their actions by the potential results, deontology does not call for weighing the costs and benefits of the situation at hand. Therefore, deontology helps avoid the burden of subjectivity and potential uncertainty since one must only follow the rules.